Our Story

We started in the mind of our founder, Barbra Williams, who had been working as a Special Ed. teacher and later a Behaviorist in the public-school system.  She saw huge potential going to waste in many of the children she worked with and thought there must be a way to capture the interest and imagination of these brilliant young minds before they fell through the cracks.  She founded Behavioral Educational Assessment Services, Inc. as a way to provide behavior assessments and support to families so they could be better equipped to get their children what they needed to succeed.  Since then, we have shortened our name and broadened our focus to provide an after-school program that promotes Social Emotional Learning to help prevent negative behavior rather than only react to it.  Now, we’re building an elementary school that encourages creativity, addresses the social emotional needs of young people and nourishes them academically.

Why choose BEAS Academy?

BEAS Academy provides a progressive educational environment in a safe and loving space for students. Our curriculum is rooted in values and gives a true perspective of history and the modern world. Our mission is to provide support to families and help students improve academic performance, to close the achievement gap, enhance social-emotional well-being and increase lifelong potential for success through our classes and educational enrichment

Is BEAS Academy a non-profit?

Yes, BEAS Academy is a 501(3)(c) organization

What areas does your curriculum address?

We believe that education should cultivate creativity in all aspects.  So, we offer classes in the core academic areas of math and literacy which are integrated with the arts.  Generally, we combine the visual arts with math and performing arts with reading and literacy.

What is BEAS Academy after-school

 BEAS Academy has created a unique curriculum that melds Social-Emotional Learning with fun activities based on academic concepts.  We emphasize building student integrity, character, and self-confidence so that they return to the classroom each day more ready to learn.

Is there an admission assessment and how important is the admissions assessment?

Yes, there is an admission assessment. The admission assessment is used for academic placement or to show readiness for specific classes. The Academy uses the assessment to determine how best to support students.

Does BEAS Academy provide transportation?

Transportation is not provided for BEAS Academy students. We encourage families to find creative ways to carpool or to use an outside shuttle service to arrange transportation as needed.

Does BEAS Academy offer scholarship for students?

BEAS Academy does not offer financial aid or scholarship for students. However, families who demonstrate need may inquire about our adjusted rate tuition. We are committed to using tuition dollars for the necessary personnel, materials and instruction to support student growth. If you are interested in financially supporting a student at BEAS Academy visit our donation page to make a donation.

Why Give?

BEAS Academy can only exist with the support of donors like you – someone who shares a passion for the future of our children. As a non-profit organization, we are counting on generous contributions to support students.


BEAS Academy provides support to families and helps students improve academic performance, close achievement gaps, enhance social-emotional well-being, and increase lifelong potential for success through our classes and educational enrichment, after-school programs, and parent education.

The Need

Research shows that extracurricular activities help children:

  • Develop social skills and emotional intelligence.
  • Apply their academic studies to real world situations.
  • Improve communication skills and benefit from other’s ideas and perspectives.

Unfortunately, budget cuts often force schools to cut their extracurricular programming first. After school programs that focus on social emotional learning can help fill the void ensuring that children don’t miss out on a valuable education experience.


Every student comes to school with different backgrounds, interests, perspectives, learning style, and home life.  We craft an educational experience that is tailored to encourage them to meet their potential.  We want our students to be curious and engaged in their learning.

Children rise to level of expectation placed on them.   We set a high bar and celebrate when each child excels.

Overcoming social challenges is one of the most important ways to help children have success in school.  We create an environment where children develop a sense of belonging and feel valued.

We inspire learning and mastery of skills, development of self-reliance, and confidence to help young people become strong contributors to their communities.


We envision a world of possibilities where, if our students can see it, they can do it.  To achieve this we are focused on growing a strong social emotional after-school program that helps children define their interests and gives them the social skills that will carry them successfully through life.


Our goal is to address the growing need for social development in school-age children.

In the short term, we aim to kick off a strong evidence-based social-emotional after-school program with an enthusiastic group of students.  As we grow and maintain our site-based program, we aim to expand our program to offer more activities and reach more children from a wider range of ages.  To achieve this goal we will continue to develop strong community partnerships with school sites, local experts and professionals.

Got Questions?

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin