Exposure to art is beneficial to children.  Art provides opportunities for children to express themselves and find new ways to succeed.  Our focus in our Art Program is for our children to learn, create and appreciate art. Our art program offers a time for children to express their individuality, dreams and ideas. Art is a fun and enjoyable way to engage children of many different learning abilities.

We have discovered that children’s academics improve when arts are included as an integral part of their education.  Children develop the individual skills to create, self-evaluate, and finalize their art creation.  We teach children how to achieve project goals, utilize their time and materials efficiently.

Children learn many intangible life skills that make them more whole as humans through the arts and art appreciation.  Some of these lessons are to communicate through a variety of means, to develop a sense of how to work on a team, to use creative approaches to problem solving, and to flex their imaginations.

According to the National Art & Education Association, art helps children think globally and grasp abstract concepts more easily.

Exposure to art increases a child’s awareness of different cultures and world views which helps children accept differences in their peers and society.   These skills greatly aid successful academic achievement and help create a well-rounded life.



BEAS Academy provides children with a program where they learn to develop emotionally and socially, just in the same way they grow academically. Our after-school music brings kids together to learn and play music in groups. This activity is fun, engaging; and, most importantly, a confidence boost. Surveys show that kids who take part in after-school music sessions, for a couple of hours a week, end up becoming better team players.  After-school music programs builds confidence and nurture teamwork in children.