Behavior Screening, Planning, and Consultation

BEAS Academy performs independent professional behavior screenings upon request.  BEAS Academy offers a range of services to help children successfully achieve their academic goals. Our mission is to identify the source of unproductive behaviors in children, and to provide parents, educators, and caregivers with plans for addressing those behaviors.  Parents can contact us directly to discuss our services or for an independent behavior screening.



We provide a variety of different childhood developmental screenings that give parents and educators insight into a child’s behavior patterns.  This information can be used to plan more effective approaches to education and child rearing practices.  We only offer up-to-date industry standard screenings that provide relevant data to any educational setting.


Planning               `

Once we have collected the results of the screenings, we offer personalized family behavior plans.  In addition to the results of screenings, behavior plans are based on a detailed consultation with the family which takes into account your unique family dynamic, schedules, and other special factors.  A behavior plan is a strategy and set of techniques that can be used at home or at school to curb problem behaviors and get your child back on the right track.



We provide consultation for parents on many issues related to child development, education, and behavioral issues.  We take the time to get to know each family, their needs and circumstances so that we can design the best plan possible.  We also are able to provide consultation on issues related to education including:

  • The Individual Education Planning (IEP) process
  • 504 Plans & Accommodations
  • Review of outside assessment results
  • K-12 Assessments
  • Analyzing and interpreting behavioral and educational patterns
  • Educational designs
  • Behavioral Issues


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