At BEAS Academy we believe that knowledge is power and that character matters.  Reading, math, and science, while very important, are not the only things that children should learn in school.  An education is meant to create successful people and form the citizens that are the foundation of our society.  We make the responsibility to transform children into young adults as our mission.  The BEAS Academy elementary school is based on the principles of respect, integrity, and responsibility.  We are guided by these principles and are confident that they form the foundation of a strong academic education.


BEAS Academy’s challenging curriculum encourages students to explore various educational, creative, and social opportunities.  Our students will be challenged to experience new things; to develop their interests and discover their strengths in a safe and supportive environment.  And they will be expected to work hard and diligently to hone their skills and expand their boundaries in a school culture that promotes responsibility, independence, and self-reliance.