BEAS Academy helps students improve academic performance, enhance social-emotional well-being, and increase lifelong potential for success.  We strengthen families by teaching parents effective communication and discipline strategies.


Studies show that academic extracurricular activities improve high school success and increase college readiness.  Extracurricular activities help children solidify their academic studies by allowing them to apply them in real world practical situations.  Seeing how the concepts they learn in school play out in real life helps students to make sense of them.  Extracurricular activities also help improve communication skills which allow people to benefit from each other’s ideas and perspectives.  Research shows that well-developed social emotional ability is a key factor for success in school and life.

Unfortunately, budget cuts often force schools to cut their extracurricular programming first; especially in lower grades. After school programs that focus on social emotional learning can help fill the void ensuring that children don’t miss out on a valuable education experience.


Every student comes to school with different backgrounds, interests, perspectives, learning style, and home life.  We work hard to get to know each student as a person so that we can craft an educational experience that is tailored to assist and encourage them to meet their potential.  We want our students to be curious and engaged in their learning.  To achieve this, our educators encourage students to ask questions and experiment with different problem solving solutions.

Our experience in education has taught us that expectations for children are often too low.  Children rise to level of expectation placed on them.  We’ve had incredible outcomes with our students by holding them accountable to high academic and social expectations; making them more available for instruction. We believe that overcoming social challenges is one of the most important ways to help children have success in school.

We create an environment where children develop a sense of belonging and feel valued.  We encourage students to make unique friendships through collaboration and peer mentors. We inspire learning and mastery of skills, development of self-reliance, and confidence to help young people become strong contributors to their communities.


We envision a world of possibilities where, if our students can see it, they can do it.  To achieve this we are focused on growing a strong social emotional after-school program that helps children define their interests and gives them the social skills that will carry them successfully through life.


Our goal is to address the growing need for social development in school-age children.

In the short term, we aim to kick off a strong evidence based social-emotional after-school program with an enthusiastic group of students.  As we grow and maintain our site-based program, we aim to expand our program to offer more activities and reach more children from a wider range of ages.  To achieve this goal we will continue to develop strong community partnerships with school sites, local experts and professionals.