Parenting Workshops

Our Philosophy

BEAS ACADEMY’S Parenting workshops are designed with the belief that children and families thrive in an environment of love, understanding, and connection.  Parenting is a process that evolves as our children grow.  The journey it can be complicated.  But, the inevitable challenges it presents offer numerous opportunities for improvement along the way.  There are times we will feel inadequately prepared.  We are faced with conflicting advice and can be constrained by limiting beliefs. BEAS ACADEMY’S workshops offer practical solutions to these parenting struggles.

In our workshop design, we identify and embrace Ten Basic Principles that affect childhood development and behavior. We have developed tools and strategies based on these principles that parents can apply to help alleviate much of the daily stress and struggle that all parents face.  Our unique presentation style includes demonstrations that show how to implement the tools, avoid parenting traps; and foster responsibility, resilience, and self-esteem. The demonstrations hold up a mirror so that parents can see their own behavior and how it affects the family dynamics.  Parents learn to consciously choose who they want to be.

We believe all children flourish when they receive a balanced combination of nurturing, love, and positive discipline.

  • every action-whether positive or negative- has consequences
  • self-love and self-care is essential to successful parenting
  • your children will present you with numerous opportunities to observe your own nature and grab the reigns of responsibility.


We know that children consistently respond well to parents who act with empathy, understanding, and self-awareness; and who set good limits and apply parenting tools.