All BEAS ACADEMY workshops are designed for anyone who wants to improve the results of their parenting.  We understand that modern life pulls parents in many directions and compromises the time they have to teach life lessons.  Our parenting workshops are meant to help parents get maximum results in their limited time.  Every workshop is presented in an approachable manner that includes demonstrations to show parents the do’s and don’ts of parenting, as well as effective tools and strategies in action.

Every workshop incorporates our unique ‘Principles for Parenting’ that will guide you in any parenting challenge. Workshops help parents deepen their connection to their children and foster self-love, responsibility, resiliency and self-esteem. You will leave our workshops with new tools that you can begin using immediately.

Each workshop is:

  • Designed for parents/caregivers of toddlers to teens. We tailor the presentation for the specific audience.
  • meets requirements for court-ordered parenting classes
  • 90 minutes in length and customized to meet your needs