Social Skills Group Application

Dear Parents and Caregivers:

Welcome to the Friendship Circle at BEAS Academy. We have a full schedule of groups and look forward to seeing you and your children in the coming weeks. Beas Academy provides groups for all ages and abilities. We appreciate the families who support these efforts.

Rates for Group Sessions 2022/2023

  • Annual Registration Fee (Per Child) $50.00
  • Self-Pay Fees (Per Class/Per Week) $75.00

Participation in our Friendship Circle involves an approximately one-hour appointment which includes a brief screening and the completion of a few forms. BEAS Academy knows your calendar is likely a juggling act and has daytime, evening and some weekend appointments available. Siblings are welcome. The screenings are conducted at the BEAS Academy school located at 5501 Dewey Drive in Fair Oaks, California.

Finally, we’ve attached a contact form for you to complete and return to us if you would like to participate. The contact form will enable BEAS Academy’s representatives to reach out to you to let you know more about how to participate.

Please call our Programs Coordinators Barbra Williams/Pete Stirling if you have any questions or concerns regarding these procedures

We wish you well,

Peter Stirling
Executive Director

BEAS Academy is supported by a state program called “Child Action” which is a program that provides financial assistance to the participants. Please call us for details at (916) 349-8540.