Support our Work

Our success shaping the lives of our students depends on our community partnerships. We are grateful to all those who support our work through partnership, grants, sponsorship, in-kind donations, or as volunteer.  Some of our costs for materials and staff wages are included in student tuition.  However, we depend on individual donors, foundations, and corporate sponsors to cover everything else from salaries to technology, to staff training, rent and supplies. These investments fuel our ability operate our programs and enrich the lives of more children.  We seek investors who share our vision, values, and support our mission.  We are confident that each child that grows into well-balanced and inspired adults is a great return on investment for a society that supports their education when they’re young.


BEAS Academy is a 501(c)(3) community-based organization. We depend on the support of our sponsors, donors, and community partners.  Your generous donations are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.



Our educational activities for kids require some materials.  Your donation helps us keep enough supplies to create the best educational experience possible for our students.  If you prefer, you can make a direct donation of educational materials from our Amazon Wish list.

Wish List


Provide a scholarship.

After-school programs benefit all children; but, unfortunately not all students can afford tuition.  A scholarship of $4,000/ year or $400 a month can help a child of limited means participate in fun extracurricular activities and learn valuable social emotional skills. For more details please contact us.